Info Do you speak english? Read me!

What does this community do?
Our main goal is to do everything possible so that everyone can participate in the game. The most important thing that distinguishes us from others is working links. If we have suspicions that the link will go bad in time, we upload this file to our server, from where these files will not disappear and will be stored for years. At the moment, the server’s disk space is 1 TB, which allows us to store a large amount of data, programs and scripts. In the future, we plan to increase disk space when this disk is full. But that is not all, we also plan additional projects for developers and online applications for administrators.

What language do you speak?
This community is multilingual, our posts can be both in Russian and in English.
We ask you to write in English, our moderators and editors will surely supplement your posts with Russian, leaving the original content.

If you have difficulty understanding a topic, you can ask our team to translate that publication into English.

What should I do if I do not speak the above languages?
In such cases, we ask you to use Google Translate or another online translator to publish posts in English.

Can I become a Moderator, Editor or Administrator of the forum speaking English?
Yes, of course, you just need to leave a request in the hidden section Information and we will definitely consider it. The only thing we require of you is to understand some online game that is present or not yet on this forum.

The administration has the right to refuse to issue rights without explanation.