Cabal Online

TDP hardcore channel

After an idea from Cath22 i came up with this little gem. The idea allows you to change specific channels to have faster and tougher mobs whilst leaving other channels as they are. A "hardcore" channel will be different in the following ways:
  • Reaction speeds one third faster
  • 33% more EXP, HP, Defense, AttackRate and DefenseRate
  • All mobs have HP recharge (2% of their total health)
  • All spawn delays reduced
Reaction speed is a tricky one and i am not really sure this bit is even worth it. A mob will not "react" whilst it is in the middle of something else such as walking somewhere. It doesn't seem to be possible to reduce the distance of their walk when mobs are just randomly walking around so they will always finish at the intended destination before looking around for targets and reacting/chasing/attacking.

Walking speed can be increased but doing so looks stupid. Increasing the walk speed does not increase the walk animation speed and if you raise walking speed you seem to get a walk-teleport-walk-teleport effect. The mob will walk part of the way at normal speed and then teleport the rest of the distance.

Copy the files to /etc/cabal/ on centos. You should now have a "Common30.ini" next to your Common.ini.

Chmod (or use winscp) all files to 0777.

Open the WorldSvr_XX_YY for the channel(s) you want to make hardcore channels and change the CommonIniPath:
Restart the channel(s) using "service WorldSvr_XX_YY restart"

Find a place with a tough mob that you can kill on a standard channel. Now try the same mob on the hardcore channel.