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Soul Worker Server + Client Setup Guide

SoulWorker Server + Client Setup Guide
Revision 3

Author By : Flipend0
 Special Thanks to the following members:[/CENTER]
- jivori : Release of the server files
- Darnell : Successfully setting up the server, Added comments to configuration, Helpful Advice on MS-SQL, Providing me a test VM to help make the tutorial
- Rulake : Successfully setting up the server, Helpful Advice on MS-SQL
- Prozaks : Repaired tb_Buff.res, Fixed Dipluce horizon and Grasscover Camp, Ported EN translation to JP Client (with help from the SWHQ Translation Team)
- b_ : Query fix for logging in the channel after character creation
Welcome to the SoulWorker Server + Client Setup Tutorial. In this guide we will learn how to properly setup the server files that was provided
to us. Starting from a Clean Windows installation and ending to a successful client login to play. Due note that this is a very basic guide to setup
the server in a localhost enviroment. If you are expecting to host an actual private server you should know as a server administrator to properly handle
IP and Ports.

Let's begin.

STEP 1 : Required Files

You will need the following files to start.

Windows Server OS 2016 : Get it here!
Microsoft SQL 2017 Developer Edition : Get it here!
SoulWorker Server Files- Repack : Get it here!
SoulWorker DB Files : Get it here!
SoulWorker Client Files- Repack : Get it here!

NOTE: You don't have to do it on a clean windows installation, But it is recommended.
After downloading all the files required. Set up your Server OS 2016 and boot up the machine.

STEP 2 : MS-SQL Installation

After you've installed Windows. Launch the SQL 2017 Developer Installation
Select Custom, and proceed to the next field. SQL will now start installing to your system

When it's done, you should recieve the Server Installation Center, proceed to click on the very first selection for the Standalone Installation.

You will now be presented to the SQL Setup Wizard. Proceed to the next fields as normal until you reach to the Feature Selection field.
In here, you will need to check the box for "Database Engine Service", Proceed to click next until you hit the Database Engine Configuration

In this area, select "Mixed Mode" and click on "Add Current User". Input your password for the Database, Please remember your password as it will be needed
later on in the tutorial.
Proceed to click next and finalize the setup wizard.

When the wizard is successfully set up. Find the SQL Configuration Manager and run it.

Search for Protocols for your Server, and highlight the TCP/IP field. Right click on it and Select Properties.

Please ensure that both Enabled and Listen All is set to Yes, Apply.

Now it's time to go back to the Server Installation Center. This time, you must Install the SQL Server Management Tools.
Proceed with the installation as normal. If it tells you to reboot after installation, please do so.

After installation, find the SQL Server Management Tools and run it.

You will be presented to the SQL Server Login.
The server name will be your localhost or IP of choice
the Login ID is usually "sa"
the password is the DB password you set up previously from the Wizard.
Proceed to connect.

After a successful connection. Head over to the Object Explorer and Right click on Databases. You will need to make new databases.

Input the following fields for Database Name and click on OK
The names must be inputted each time :

For each database, make a new query.

From the DB folder extracted, you'll find the SQL files.
For each database, open the SQL file with Notepad and Copy-Paste the text to the query window.
Press Execute the query after copy-pasting. Perform this for each Database.

NOTE : Is is normal to see errors in Common, Log, and GameDB.

Last but not least, Execute this query here

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver @Server='LAccountDB',

   exec sp_serveroption @Server='LAccountDB' , @optname= 'rpc', @optvalue ='TRUE'
exec sp_serveroption @Server='LAccountDB' , @optname= 'rpc out', @optvalue='TRUE'
After this, you are now done with the MS-SQL configuration.

STEP 3 : Server Configuration

Now you must navigate to your server files. Head over there and find the config file that's located from the config folder, Edit the file

The instructions are provided here. Please read the instructions closely and properly set up your IPs, Ports, Database user ID and Password.

If done successfully, it should look like this.

Once the config is complete, run sw_server_start.bat
I recommend you take a 15 minute break after running this, it'll take a while for the server to start up...

If done successfully, it should look like this.

NOTE : Is is normal to see missing AI and ActionData files on the GameServer Init.

After this, you are now done with the Server configuration.

STEP 4 : Client Configuration

On your client, there is a file called start_sw.bat.
You may choose to edit the bat file and change the IP and Port if desired to do so
Otherwise, go head and run the bat file, this will start the game client.

The SQL procedure for login is set up to handle Auto-Registration by default.
To perform Auto-Registration, Enter your ID and Pass on the login screen.
Wait for 2 minutes, then proceed to log in again.

If successful, you'll now be at the server select screen.
Currently, there's no way to define the name of the server at the moment. By default it will show the IP instead.
Proceed to log into the server

If everything goes well, you should now be able to play Soulworker.
That's about it. I hope this tutorial explains well enough on how to set up the server.
I expect to see some SoulWorker private servers after this, I'll be interested in trying them out

If you have any questions, or would like to proceed further along with the development status of Soulworker
Please head to our discord server at here

Autor: @Flipend0​