Cabal Online

Server WAN IP checker/updater for dynamic IPs v1.2!

This should please a few people with dynamic IP addresses.

This small mod will check the WAN IP of your server whenever the server starts up, "service cabal start" or "service cabal restart" is called and update your WorldSvr config ini files with the current IP before the services (re)start. It pretty much saves you having to worry about changing the IP address in your configs every time the server IP changes.

This is best used with a no-ip type hostname in the internal.txt of your player's game client.

Big thanks to [hidden] and Cath22 for testing and ideas.
Dynamic ip auto config for Cabal v1.2

Checks the WAN IP when the server starts and updates all worldsvr ini files with the current one.

Working DNS is required on the centos machine or this won't work. You must be able to browse the web or ping hosts from centos or the script can't figure out the IP.

This is only needed for non-chumpy servers or chumpy v1 and v2 servers as the wan checker is already included in my v2.5 files. If you have my 2.5 files then type "cabalhelp" to list your available commands.

Copy the files to centos. Only /etc/init.d/cabal gets overwritten so back up the old copy just in case.
Chmod /home/cabal/ to 0777.
Run /home/cabal/ to see the commands it supports.

To completely remove delete /home/cabal/ and /home/cabal/daemons/ Also replace /etc/init.d/cabal with your backed up copy.

What it does
The is just the controller that enables you to switch on/off the from being called.
Whenever "service cabal start" or "service cabal restart" is called the script should run, test the WAN IP and update all worldsvr config inis to the new IP if it has changed. This includes boot up as well as manual starts.