Black Desert Online

V867 NEVO 817-819 Remastered Server (Nova server files + source code)

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Hi friends. Thank you very much for sharing the files from this server, I have them, but I need to download the client, they told me that the one from bdoevolution works with this server, but unfortunately I have not been able to download it from the torrent, because it is very slow for me. I would really appreciate if you could share it with a google drive or mega link.
How fix this:

13:47:13.400 INFO - Gameserver [GenesisBD CH1] registered successfuly with ServerID=1 and ChannelID=1.
13:48:14.399 WARN - Server -> Client: SMSetFrameworkInfomation
13:48:14.424 WARN - Client -> Server: CMGetCreateUserInformationAuthenticServer
13:48:14.432 WARN - Server -> Client: SMNak
13:48:14.434 ERROR - Can't find opcode for packet: SMNak