Cabal Online

Chumpy's GM tools v0.61a

This is just a preview as a lot of stuff still needs adding. As our current tools are either very limited or in Chinese i decided to release an early version.

This has mostly been tested on MSSQL 2000 but 2005 should be ok too.

v0.62a Changes:
* Several minor fixes
* Updated OCX files broken by MS Windows updates

There is no NT authentication yet so use your sa login. Also, connection is now via TCP/IP rather than named pipes to allow for alternate MSSQL ports so make sure TCP/IP connections are allowed in your SQL security config.

Premium expiry cannot be edited because of the weird way VB6 handles dates. It will be fixed soon.

GM messaging is limited to just 1 type and basic text only for now but more will be added.

The tabs at the top don't work yet before anyone asks.

Enjoy ;)