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Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!
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[emudevs.ru] antihype_server_source_files.tar\pwsrc\antihype152V127\cnet\mknow
ln -s ../wgame/libcommon.a gqueryd/include/libcommon.a
chmod +x gqueryd/can_auction_gen.sh
не с перфекта перемешал сделал шлак
сколько тут сборок
This client is not ready to work, there few things wrong with it.

Angelica 2.2 is not fully compatible with 152 still, work to upgrade to 2.2 was under progress still and wasnt ready to be released, so everything must be built over angelica 2 ( also there multiple versions of angelica2 so it must be the latest one that you can find ) and not 2.2

There few memory leaks to be fixed, some interface issues which can be fixed using properly version of Angelica Interface Engine.
some minor issues with code, like item swap broken, player gender broken because new properties of player model not correctly set on server.

also being aware this is a devclient, there's a lot of unfinished code like messaging items through friends chat not working that implies on default items link on broadcast.

is a huge list of things to be solved until it be useful.

a example of memory leak on client to be fixed.

obs: one thing amazing about this release is about few pieces of codes that didnt get leaked until now, there few things that could be completed with this code.