• В данном разделе форума Вы сможете найти всё для того чтобы создать свой сервер китайской многопользовательской ролевой онлайн-игры Perfect World, созданной компанией Beijing Perfect World. Также Вы можете найти все необходимые программы и скрипты для модификации игры и сервера. Perfect World International is the English-based, international version of Perfect World II, one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs worldwide. With its expansive feature set and unique artistic elegance, Perfect World International offers an immersive online world that players can enter free of charge, earning in-game currency to upgrade their character and further enhance their game play experience. The game features one of the most in-depth character creation interfaces seen in any game to date, numerous quests full of lore and depth, and an extensive selection of items and fashions. Unique MMORPG features such as Territory Wars delights gamers and increases replay value as they explore and battle across the ever-expanding game world. [Perfect World Entertainment
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